Updating Credit Card Information


You would like to update the credit card information on your Street Smart account.


You need to be a Company Administrator or a Super User of your account.


Please follow the following steps

  • Please raise a support request with Street Smart support with the following information, to receive a payment link specific to your account.
    • Company ID (COID)


The support agent needs to obtain the payment link of the customer from 2Checkout and send it to the customer.

  1. Log in to the Xora Salesforce using credentials in the Passwordstate.
  2. Search for the customer's company using either the name or the COID.
    Note: If You are in Lightning mode, make sure to switch to Salesforce Classic.
  3. Copy the account number.


  4. Log in to the 2Chekout Admin Panel. using credentials in the passwordstate.
  5. Search for the Account number copied from Salesforce.
  6. Copy the upgrade link.
  7. Provide it to the customer asking him to update the credit card information on the 2Checkout portal.
  8. Provide either a link to this article or the steps mentioned below for the customer to update the credit card information.


  • Once you receive the Payment Link as a response to the Support Request, click on the link to open the Payment Link.


  • Ensure that the Number of Mobile Device Lines is correct and do not change it unless you want to modify the number of subscriptions.
  • Click on the "Upgrade Now" button.
  • On the New Page, scroll down to the Payment Options section.


  • Update your payment information/credit card information.
  • Scroll down and click "Continue" and complete the process.
  • The new card will take effect from the immediate billing cycle.




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