Change of Phone (Instrument) while retaining the Number


You want to change your phone (instrument), either to a new number or to another device, while retaining the same phone number.

This may include two (2) scenarios:

  1. You still have access to the old phone.
  2. You do not have access to the old phone.


In the case where the Old Phone is no more accessible, you will need the help of a Company Administrator, Super User, or any user who has access to Administration > Devices.


If you have access to the old phone:

  1. Open the StreetSmart Mobile Application
  2. Tap on the Settings icon.


  3. Tap on the Advanced Options button.


  4. Enter the following code and tap Submit:

    Note: If the Advanced Options page is not displayed, reach out to your company administrator or manager - they may have configured a different code to access settings in the mobile application.


  5. Tap on the Clear Activation button.


  6. Tap Yes to confirm deactivation.
    Note: All records from the application that were not transferred to the server will be removed from the mobile device (tracked location data, submitted forms, jobs, etc.).


    The application is closed after a few seconds.
  7. Now uninstall the StreetSmart Application.

If you do not have access to the old phone:

Please contact a Company Administrator or Super User or any user who has access to Administration > Devices., to Deactivate the Device / Phone Number.

The above action can be performed, in cases where the user sees a message, "this phone number is already in use by another streetsmart device" while activating.


Once, either of the two steps above is completed, perform the following activities.

  1. Install StreetSmart Application
  2. Activate the Mobile Application: In case the application asks for a PIN Number, you need to obtain it from a Company Administrator or a Superuser. They need to retrieve the PIN Number for you.


Open the StreetSmart Mobile Application on the New Instrument and you should be able to see the complete functionality of the Application.




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