Mobile Workers getting notifications of Timecard Submission by other Workers


You have configured alerts so that the Workers submitting the Forms on their Mobile Apps, get a notification of the submission on their email.

But, you notice that all the workers for whom alerts are configured are getting alerts when any one of these workers submits a form.


The reason why this happens is because of the wrong configuration of the alerts.

  • While configuring the Alert, in the "Group Setup' Tab, you configure all the groups and users for whom the alert needs to be triggered.


  • On the "Action Setup" Tab, you have selected all the users for whom the alert needs to be triggered as Recipients. So that the users get the alerts they are triggering.


  • This is the cause of the problem, as the Recipients selected here will receive notifications for all the cases, that this alert is triggered. Meaning, that irrespective of who triggers the alert (in this case, submission of form), the notification is sent to all the recipients selected here.


If you need to send the notification only to the Worker who triggered the alert, or, in this case, the notification needs to be sent to only that Worker who submitted the form, you need to check the "Notify Triggering Worker".



In case there are some administrative users who need to receive notifications of all Form Submission, they should be selected in the "Recipients" list.



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