Auto Application Startup and Auto Launch to Background doesn't work


In the Administration > Settings > Hours of Operation, there are 2 checkboxes "Auto Application Startup" and "Auto Launch to Background".

Auto Application Startup: The application will be remotely started if shutdown during the Hours Of Operation

Auto Launch to Background: If enabled, this setting will send the application to the background when launched. The user will see the splash screen before the application goes to the background.

These 2 options stopped working in April 2021.


Android: With Android 11 and Android 12, Google has implemented new Privacy Policies which restricted Auto Start and Remote Start Functionalities for Mobile applications. This is applicable not just for StreetSmart but for all Mobile Applications on Play Store.

iPhone: iPhone has restricted this feature long back as a Privacy measure and was enforced well before 2021. 


Due to the above constraints from the iOS and Android platforms, the Auto Application Startup and Auto Launch to Background features stopped working in StreetSmart.


In the upcoming releases of StreetSmart, these features will be completely removed and the configuration boxes in the Hours of Operation screen will also be removed.





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