Device Activation Error - this phone number is already in use


A mobile worker while activating a device gets an error "this phone number is already in use by another streetsmart device" after she/he enters the phone number.


This error can be caused for two reasons:

  1. The device was assigned to the current worker but was in use by another worker before you.
  2. The Application was uninstalled from the current device or a previous device without doing a "Clear Activation".

Due to either of the reasons, the Phone Number is being considered as activated on some Device by the Web Application.


You need to have an account with Company AdministratorSuper User role, or a custom role with access to deactivate Devices.


Follow the steps below to resolve the problem:

  1. Deactivate the specific Device and ensure to check the "prompt the worker to enter PIN".
  2. Retrieve the PIN Number of the Device and provide it to the Worker
  3. Ask the Mobile worker to Activate the Mobile Application with the Phone Number and the PIN Number Provided.


  1. The Mobile Worker should be able to successfully activate the Mobile Applicationmceclip3.png
  2. The activated device is highlighted and the Activated Date field contains the date-time of the activation.mceclip0.png



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