StreetSmart Release Notes and Known Issues

Release Notes

StreetSmart 2022_03

Defects Resolved:

  • The addresses column is empty for all entries after December 21, 2021 in the mileage reports.
  • GPS information available but displaying "Processing GPS" instead of address in reports and Worker's tab
  • Form with Bold Text shows garbage characters

StreetSmart 2022_01

Defects Resolved:

StreetSmart 18.21

Defects Resolved:

  • Email application is not being opened on Android when trying to Send Debug Data from the StreetSmart mobile app
  • The email address configured in the Send Debug Data option in the Android app is wrong.

StreetSmart 2021_45/ 18.15.5

Defects Resolved:

  • Bolded text (formatted) in Form fields break Syncing.
  • Sync button stays red for users in certain teams.
    Note: Additionally, a number of fixes was implemented to improve database performance and prevent memory leaks. 

StreetSmart 2021_39

Defects Resolved:

  • The Create job popup is not loading for a long time for companies with a large number of divisions.
  • After clicking OK when Assigning a Job, there's an error that disappears too quickly to be read: 'The system is un...'
  • Processing requests such as Company Form and Company Job actions is slow - takes more than 1.6 seconds longer than the expected duration

StreetSmart 2021_34

Defects Resolved:

  • Multi Select Forms are greyed out in StreetSmart for iOS.
  • After installing StreetSmart for iOS, it asks for permission granting but without any explanation.
  • StreetSmart iOS app does not show the correct version.

    Note: Additionally, a number of fixes were implemented to improve the stability of the application.

StreetSmart 2021_19

Defects Resolved:

  • The link to contact Support is not working on web StreetSmart portal.

Known Issues

There are no known issues at the moment, they will be added when we face problems that are not resolved in a timely manner.

Description of Issue JIRA ID Affected Version (if applicable)
Customer Engagement feature not working - SMS text cannot be sent to clients so that they could check when a worker should arrive. STREETSMART-11862  N/A



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