Troubleshooting Article - Cannot Log In or Access Mobile Application


Users may encounter issues when trying to log in or activate the StreetSmart mobile application, including the following symptoms:

  • Unable to log in to your StreetSmart app after your phone got updated
  • You keep getting a prompt to enter your phone number again and again




Try Reinstalling the StreetSmart Application

First of all try removing the mobile application from your phone and installing it from scratch. This may resolve the issue if it was caused by corrupted cache or application files.

If you do not have rights to install the application on your phone, you need to reach out to your company admin to reinstall the application on your mobile device.

Make Sure Your Phone is Connected to Network

Make sure your phone is connected to the network (e.g., try opening any website in your browser).

Make sure to follow the Best Practices which should help your device to stay connected and the mobile app to function properly:

  • Make sure to close the application using the Exit button instead of force closing.
  • Maintain "Line of Sight" with the sky when possible - make sure the device is in an area where it can acquire a GPS satellite. Buildings and parking ramps can restrict access to a good GPS satellite signal; if you are in a vehicle, keep the mobile device in an open area such as a cup holder instead of a jacket, or pants pocket. Do not place the device in the glove box, center column box or a tool box as that can potentially block GPS signals.
  • If working indoors or underground, the mobile application may not be able to immediately transmit the data back to the web application. If the recording of these events is time sensitive, you may need to step outside to ensure they are transmitted back to the web application.
    If your device is not able to pick up a carrier signal, the mobile app will store all information or events (such as Mobile Forms or Job Actions) and will transmit once you are back in an area that has cell coverage.
  • Avoid suddenly closing the application on the device - instead of swiping the app to close it, use the Exit button found on the home screen of the application. Shutting the app down suddenly might interrupt the software and doesn't allow the device to send the last captured GPS coordinates or any other data to the server.

Contact StreetSmart Support

If the issue persists, submit a request to StreetSmart Support, including the following information:

  • The phone number you are using to log in to StreetSmart
  • Name of your company and Company ID (if you know it)
  • Specify if one or multiple users cannot log in to the StreetSmart application




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