Receiving Blank DAR Report


A worker may be receiving empty daily activity reports, while they have already started tracking work time via StreetSmart.


From the web portal, navigate to the Shifts section and check if timesheets are present for the affected worker and corresponding period.


    • If you cannot find timesheets for the worker, they may be not uploaded to the server. For information on how to resolve this issue, refer to the article Timesheets Are Missing on Web Portal.

    • If the timesheets are present on the web portal, the issue might be caused by:

If the worker still receives blank DAR reports, submit a ticket for our Support team to investigate the issue further.

<supportagent>If you cannot find any issues with the user account or their timesheets, elevate the case to the Avolin team; DAR is a custom integration report that is sent daily to each worker.</supportagent>


On the next day, ask the worker if they have received the DAR report with the correct timesheets data.



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