Cannot Assign Job to Worker


You cannot find the required worker in the list when trying to assign the newly created job.

This issue happens when the Job Type (under which the job is created) is not available for the group to which the worker is assigned.


  1. Navigate to Administration > Users and check to which group the affected worker is assigned.


  2. Navigate to Administration > Job Types.
  3. Click on the job type under which the job was created and select Edit Job Type.


  4. Select step 4. Group Setup and check to which groups the Job Type is available.


  5. There are two possible solutions:
    • Make the job type available to the group to which the worker is assigned - add a checkmark next to the group and click Save & Close.
    • Move the worker to a group to which the job type is available. 


When creating a new job under the same Job Type, you should be able to select the affected worker as the assignee.

Previously created jobs can be assigned to the worker only if the worker was moved to the group to which the Job Type was available before.


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