Completed Jobs Are Not Removed From Device


You may encounter an issue when jobs are still displayed in the mobile app after being completed, also these jobs are listed as Active on the web portal.

This issue happens when action to End Job is set up incorrectly - the option to Delete On Device is disabled and Timer Option is not set to Terminate Job


  1. From Jobs > Job List, check under which Job Type the affected jobs were created.


  2. Navigate to Administration > Job Types, click on the corresponding job type, and select Edit Job Type.


  3. Select step 3. Specify Job Actions.
  4. Select the End Job action; it may have a different name but it should be the action used to complete the job.
  5. Set Timer Option to Terminate Job.
  6. Enable the Delete On Device option.
  7. Click Apply.
  8. Click Save & Close.


  9. Additionally, you can download the affected jobs in XLS format and delete these jobs to get them removed from the worker's device.
    Note: Once jobs are removed from web portal, they cannot be viewed on the web portal as well.



Create a new job under the same job type; once the worker completes the job, it should be removed from the device and displayed as Complete on the web portal under Jobs > Job List.


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