Not Able to Run Report


You are not able to run the Timesheet Detail with Breaks, Timesheet Detail with Odometer, Job Report, or any other report with a large amount of data - it is stuck on the Generating New Report screen.


Timesheet Detail reports contain thorough information for each worker from the selected groups - it will contain a lot of data when you run it for a week. Also, when you run any other report for a long time period or groups that include a significant number of workers, it may take time to retrieve the data.

Recommended steps:

  1. Wait for 5-10 minutes for the report to be processed.
  2. If the report is not generated, try to select only half of the required groups or half of the required time period when running the report in the EXCEL or CSV format. Then run the report for the other part of groups/ time period and merge the data into a single spreadsheet.


If the report is still not generated, please submit a ticket to our Support team, including:

  • Name of the report
  • Time range
  • Groups for which you are running the report.

Our team will investigate the issue and send you the report.


Try running the report for an even shorter period to see if you can generate the report for a customer by running it 3-4 times and then combining the data. If it is still not being generated within 10 minutes, elevate the issue to the SaaS team as a SaaS Incident Jira ticket.



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