Starting the Mobile Application Remotely


You may need to start the mobile application remotely for a worker (who forgot to launch the mobile app on their device) or want to know how this feature works.


When you launch the mobile app remotely - it starts on the user's device shortly. This feature works on Android devices and basic phones and only if the user's phone is turned on.

If you try to start the application remotely on an iOS device, the worker will receive a notification to run the StreetSmart app and the user will need to allow the app to be launched by tapping on the notification.

You can run the app remotely by following the steps below:

  1. From the web portal, navigate to Workers > Worker List.
  2. Click on the required user (who is displayed as logged off) and select Remote Start.



If the worker's phone is turned on, their status should change to Logged In shortly.


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