Stopping Report Scheduled by Another User


You may want to stop a report (which was set up by another user) completely or remove a specific recipient (who should not receive this report).



You need to have an account with the Company Administrator, Super User role, or a custom role with rights to edit users to be able to get credentials for the required user account.


  1. If you (Company Administrator) don't know who scheduled the report, submit a request to our support team to find the account under which the report is scheduled - make sure to include the name of the report.
    Otherwise, proceed to the next step.
  2. Retrieve credentials for the user who scheduled the report - the report is accessible only from the account under which it was set up.
    1. Navigate to Administration > Users.
    2. Locate the required account, click on it, and select Edit User.
      Note: If the user account is already deleted (missing in the list), refer to the article Restoring Deleted Users.
    3. Enter a new password twice, note down the username, and click Save & Close.


  3. Click Logout in the top right corner.
  4. Log in to the web portal using the credentials retrieved in step 2.
  5. Navigate to Reports > List.
  6. Select the corresponding tab and click on the required report.
    • To stop the report completely - click Unschedule.


      • If you want to stop a user from receiving a report:
        1. Click Edit Schedule.
        2. Select step 3. Recipients.
        3. Remove the checkmark next to the required user.


        4. Click Save & Close.

<supportagent>L2 agents can connect to the database to find the user id and username (CreatedBy column) of the creator of the report by running the following query:

WHERE co_id=xxxx AND
NAME LIKE '%<name of the report>%'

Note: The name of the report is case sensitive - try the line with the report name if there are no results.


  • If you stopped the report completely - the Report not scheduled message is displayed and no users should receive it anymore.


  • If you removed a user from the recipients - check with the user if they have received the report after the date and time specified in the Run At field.



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