Gallery Feature Is Missing When Adding Photo to Form


You may notice that the Gallery option is missing when you are trying to add a picture to a form in the mobile app. This issue may happen on the 18.5.4 r4 version of the mobile app.

You can check the version of your mobile app by navigating to Settings > Device Summary; it will be displayed in the Version # field.


Clear the record store in your mobile application and then activate the app

If this does not resolve the issue, try removing the application completely; then, install and activate it.


  1. From your mobile app, open the Forms menu and select the form that includes a field to capture a picture.
    Note: If you do not have an ad hoc form available, you need to perform a timesheet or job action which has a linked form.
  2. Tap on a field with the Camera icon.


    When prompted to select an image source, you should be able to attach an image from your gallery.




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