Adding a New Field to Existing Form


You may need to add a new field to an existing form or add a new option to one of the existing fields in the form.


You need to have an account with the Company AdministratorSuper User role, or a custom role with the rights to edit Forms.


  1. From the web portal, navigate to Forms > Forms.
  2. Locate the form you need to update, click on it, and select Edit Form.
    In this example, we will edit a private form that is linked to the End Job action.


  3. Select step 2. Field Setup.
  4. Make the required changes:
    • To add an additional field:
      1. Click New Field.
      2. Enter Display Name and Field Ref.
      3. Select the required Field Type and complete the related fields.
        Note: For more information about all field types, refer to the Creating Forms article (step 8).
      4. Define if the field is Required.
      5. Click Apply.


    • To add a new option/choice to an existing field (e.g., Select List field type):
      1. Click on the required field.
      2. Enter the required option in the Choices box. Values that can be selected by workers need to be separated by commas (without spaces).
        In this example, we have added the New Installation option.
      3. Make additional changes to the field if needed (e.g., specify the Default value).
      4. Click Apply.


  5. Once you have made the required changes, click Save & Close.


The workers from the corresponding group should be able to review the new form field or select the newly added option in the updated field (depending on the changes you have made).

  • If the form is available from the Forms menu, workers can:
    1. Tap on the Forms icon in the mobile app.
    2. Tap on the corresponding form.
    3. Review the updated fields.
  • Otherwise, the form will be displayed to workers when they perform the job or timesheet action to which the form is attached. In this example, when workers perform the End Job action.



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