How to Set Up Employee Account with ID Number?


You may need to create worker accounts using ID numbers that are also used in other systems in your company (e.g. payroll, workforce management, etc.). This will allow you to sync the data between StreetSmart and the software that you are using - by using web services or manually exporting timesheets, jobs, or forms for workers and importing this data into the system you are using.


When creating user accounts (step 5), you need to enter the ID number of the employee in the username field.


Additionally, you may need to update existing user accounts:

  • Manually:
    1. Navigate to Administration > Users.
    2. Click on the required account and select Edit User.
    3. Replace the current value of the Username field with the employee ID.
    4. Click Save & Close.
  • By uploading user information in bulk - enter the employee ID in the Username field and then enable the Update Existing Records option in step 6.


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