Installing StreetSmart on Sonim X3


You may want to download and install the mobile app on Sonim X3. X3.png



  1. Send the following link to your mobile device using the email address below for the corresponding carrier; the link will be delivered via SMS. 

    Replace 'phonenumber' with the 10-digit phone number of your device:
  2. From the phone, go to Menu > Messages > Inbox.
  3. Open the SMS with the link.
  4. Press More Options (top left button on keypad) and click Use Links.
    The app starts downloading.
  5. Click Back and then click End to go back to the home page.
  6. Click More Options (top left button on keypad) and go to My Notifications.
  7. Check if the file Sonim_feature_phone_streetsmart.apk is downloaded.
    If it is saved as a .txt file, rename it to have the .apk extension.
  8. Click on the file and select the Install option.
  9. Once the installation is complete, click Open to proceed with the app activation.
    If you click Done, you can open the application later by navigating to Menu > Applications and selecting StreetSmart.
  10. The mobile app should activate automatically.
    If it fails, enter your phone number manually and press Activate.
  11. Accept the end-user license agreement.
  12. Click Accept to close the Warning screen.
  13. The list of the New Updates (if any) is displayed (e.g., New Forms, New Jobs, etc.). Click OK to dismiss the screen and start using StreetSmart.
  14. Additionally, make sure to enable location tracking:
    1. Go to Menu > Settings > Security & Location
    2. Scroll down and click Location.
    3. Change the Location  setting to ON.
    4. Change the Mode to High Accuracy.
    5. Click AGREE to accept the location consent.


Known Issues

  • Navigation via Google maps is not supported
  • SD card should not be installed on the device to be able to save pictures in the Forms menu.






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