Running Web Service API Calls Manually


You may need to test our Web Services to check the format of the data you get as a response or to troubleshoot issues with automated web services not running.



You need to have credentials for a WebService account or rights (Super User or Company Administrator) to create new accounts.


  1. Create a user account with the WebService role or use the credentials of an existing WebService account.
    In this example, we will use an account with the username webdemo.


  2. Download the SoapUI tool (open source) and install it.
    You can use any other tool that can run SOAP API calls; we will explain how to run API calls using SoapUI.
  3. Log in to the StreetSmart WebServices portal.
    Username should have the following format:
    <username for the Web Services user created in step 1>@<Company ID>

    For example, if our company ID is 3030000, we should log in using the webdemo@3030000 username and password for the webdemo user.


  4. Download a WSDL for the required web service by right-clicking on the required link and selecting Save as.
    For more information about each service and format of requests, refer to the Web Services developer guide.


  5. Open the SoapUI tool.
  6. Click File > New SOAP Project.
  7. Browse for the downloaded WSDL file and click OK.


  8. From the left pane, expand the new project, right-click on the service call you want to execute, and select New request.


  9. Enter a name for the request and click OK.
  10. Select the newly created request and enter credentials (same as in step 3) in the Request Properties section.


  11. Replace all question marks (?) within the text of the request.
    In this example, we need to enter the username of the worker, start data, and end date.
    Date and time should be entered in the following format (UTC): YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.MMM.
    For example, 2020-11-23 12:30:00.000

  12. Click on the Submit Request button (green arrow).
    The response to the request is displayed in XML format in the window on the right.



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