Data Is Not Loading via Web Services


You may notice that Jobs, Timesheets, Forms, or other data is not loaded via Web Services from StreetSmart to the 3rd-party application that you are using, or jobs, locations, or users are not imported into StreetSmart.



Please follow the troubleshooting steps below to identify the reason for this issue:

  1. Check if the data that you want to retrieve from StreetSmart is present on the web portal under the corresponding tab (e.g., Jobs, Shifts, Forms, etc.) - the data may have not been transferred from the worker's mobile device to our servers.
    If you are trying to push data to StreetSmart (e.g., create jobs), you may want to check if the data is present in your system.
  2. If you received an error when running web services API calls, open the link for the corresponding Web Service from the developer guide and search for the error you encountered for more explanation. For example, you were using an incorrect date and time format, didn't provide worker name or any other required data.
  3. Execute a test API call for the same service but using another request to check if Web Services are working.
    If test API calls are working, check if there are any issues on your side (e.g., with the application you integrated with StreetSmart).

    If you still haven't identified what is causing issues with Web Services, please submit a ticket to our support team, including the following information:

      • Data which you want to pull or push to StreetSmart (e.g., jobs, forms, timesheets for specific workers)
      • The exact name and version of the web service (WSDL) that you are using
      • Full text of the API request you are running
      • Error message (if available)

<supportagent> Agents need to perform the same troubleshooting as described above. You can create a WebService user on the customer's environment to execute APIs; the user should be removed once the issue is solved.

  • If all Web Service calls that you are running are failing, there might be an outage that needs to be elevated to SaaS as a Showstopper.
    Note: Check if there are existing Jira tickets related to Web Services.
  • If you cannot identify the issue with the customer's API call within L1/L2 (but standard API calls are running successfully), elevate the ticket to the PS team for further investigation and resolution.



  • If the required data was not loaded to the web portal from workers' mobile devices - the affected workers need to follow the steps from the Device Is Not Syncing with the Server article to get the data transmitted.

  • If you received errors after running Web Services, adjust the data in the failing API request according to the developer guide.


Run the same API call manually or using your automation; the required data should be retrieved from StreetSmart or pushed to our server without issues.



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