Running Reports


You may need to retrieve a report for a specific time range to review information about:

  • Jobs
  • Mileage
  • GPS Activities
  • Stops
  • Timesheets
  • Workers


  • You need to have an account with the OperationsSuper User role, or a custom role with the rights to view reports.
  • If you want to run a report created/edited by another user, the report needs to be shared as a template first.


  1. Log in to the Street Smart web portal using your credentials and company ID.
  2. Navigate to Reports > List.
  3. Select one of the available report sections and select the required report.
    Here are the reports available by default:
    • Company
      • At a Glance: is a composite report that includes the following reports: Company Overview, Weekly Timesheet with Breaks, Stops and Travel - Summary by Worker, Jobs - Summary by Worker and Alerts.
      • Company Overview: is a single row summary for the company over the specified time period, which includes total pay hours, jobs performed, late jobs, estimated mileage, percentage of time driving (windshield time %), alerts fired, prohibited stops, logins to the mobile app and logins to web portal.
    • Jobs
      • Invoice Report: contains all invoices submitted by selected workers, including all items billed under each invoice.
      • Job Details: contains information about jobs submitted by selected workers, including job start time, end time, and total time spent.
      • Jobs Summary by Worker: includes the number of jobs and time spent on assigned, worked, and completed jobs for selected workers.
    • Mileage
      • Summary: displays the count of trips, sum of odometer distance, sum of GPS distance, sum of additional expenses, mileage expense, and total expense.
      • Trips by Jobs: contains information about completed trips per job.
      • Trips by Workers: contains information about trips grouped per worker.
    • Stops
      • Stops - All: displays all stops made by workers, including the stop type, duration and location of the stop.
      • Stops - Grouped by Location: displays stops associated with existing Locations.
      • Stops - Locations and Jobs: displays stops associated with existing Locations and jobs.
      • Stops and Travel - Summary by Worker: displays information about stops and trips per worker, including mileage driven, percentage of time driving (windshield time %), and the number of location stops, job stops, unknown stops, and prohibited stops.
      • Worker - Stops and Events: displays stops, timesheet events, and mobile app logins for each worker.
    • Timesheets
      • Closed Shift Summary: displays shifts that were completed/closed within the selected date range.
      • Timesheet Details with Breaks: displays timesheet information for each shift (shift and break start and end times, total pay hours, break hours, and distance traveled).
      • Timesheet Detail with Odometer: displays timesheet information for each worker, location of each shift event, GPS Distance and odometer distance driven based on the form attached to a timesheet event.
      • Weekly Timesheet with Breaks: displays pay hours, break time, overtime hours logged per week for each worker.
    • Workers
      • Activity and Form Details: displays worker activities (login/log off, timesheet events, job activities and submitted forms) and data for submitted forms. 
      • Alerts: displays all alerts triggered by selected workers.
      • GPS and Activity: contains retrieved GPS points for each of the selected workers.
      • Web Management Application Login: displays web portal logins for the specified time period.
    • Workers and Jobs
      • Jobs and Shifts Combination Report: provides a measurement of worker productivity by comparing the hours worked against the total time spent on jobs during a shift. The amount of time during a shift that was not associated with a job is provided in the Total Unallocated Time column. The report only includes information for shifts and jobs which were completed/closed within the the selected time range.

        Note: If the above reports do not satisfy your needs, you can create a new custom report.


  4. Click Run.
  5. Select the required:
    • Format out of PDF, EXCEL, HTML, and CSV.
    • Time Period - You can run a report for the max period of 90 days; if you need data for a longer period, please run a report several times selecting consecutive time ranges that are not longer than 90 days. 
    • Groups and Workers for which you want to review the data.


  6. Click OK.
    After some time (1-3 minutes), the report is downloaded to your computer or opened in a new window.




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