Device Is Missing on Account


You have added StreetSmart service to a phone number but it is still missing on the Devices page.


This issue may occur due to one of the following reasons:

  • The group to which the device is assigned is not selected in the Group filter.

    To check if this is the case:

      1. From the StreetSmart web portal, navigate to Administration > Devices.
      2. Click Group Filter and select all available groups.


      3. Click Save & Close.
        • If the phone number is displayed on the page - it means that it was added to the correct account and you should be able to find and update the new worker account (under Administration > Users).
        • If the number is still missing on the page, proceed to check the next root cause.
  • The device was added to a new account (another company ID) because you used a different billing address - check the email which you received after adding the phone number and compare the company ID from the email with the company ID you use to log in to the StreetSmart portal.

  • <supportagent> Check if the number has an active package to make sure that the service was added.</supportagent>


Submit a request to move the phone number to the correct company ID.


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