Deactivate a Phone Number


You may need to deactivate a package assigned to your phone number.



  • If you have purchased your subscription using the 2Checkout portal, you will need to adjust your billing on the 2Checkout portal, using an update your subscription link which you should have in your email.

  • Alternatively, if you are an Admin or Super User, you can contact us and select Admin Actions > Delete the Device from the AI menu. The number will be canceled 


  1. Log in to CSU using credentials from Passwordstate.
  2. Search for the required device/ phone number.
  3. Check the subscription for the phone number was bought from the 2Checkout portal:
    • If it is Ecom2Checkout1515 or similar you will need to provide the link to update their Billing (once the number is removed from StreetSmart).
      1. Log in to the Xora Salesforce using credentials from Passwordstate.
      2. Search for the customer's company using its name.
        Note: If You are in Lightning mode, make sure to switch to Salesforce Classic.
      3. Copy the Account Number for the customer's company in Salesforce.
        Note: The upgrade link may be present in Salesforce; check if it is the same as in the 2Checkout Panel before sending it to the customer..


      4. Log in to the 2Checkout Admin Panel using credentials from the Passwordstate and search for the account number found in the previous step.
      5. Copy the upgrade link.
        You will need to send it to the customer telling them to decrease the number of licenses as needed on the 2Checkout portal after you have removed the number from the StreetSmart web portal. For example, if they want to remove 1 number, they should decrease the number of subscriptions by 1.

    • If the SOC code is CKSWDirectAdv1515 or similar, proceed to the next step.
  4. Log in to the StreetSmart web portal using 1 as COID and alwin credentials from the Passwrodstate.
  5. Search for the customer's company.
  6. Click on it and select View Devices.
  7. Click on the required device and select Delete Device.


  8. Log in to CSU and search for the deleted number - its Deleted Datetime column should match the time when you removed the number (i.e. it should not be blank).
  9. Inform the customer that the request is complete. If the customer has the 2Checkout SOC code, make sure to provide the link to upgrade their subscription billing (decrease the number of licenses).



  1. Log in to the StreetSmart web portal.
  2. Navigate to Administration > Devices.
    The corresponding number will not be displayed in the Devices list anymore.


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