Moving Phone Number to Another Account


You have added StreetSmart service to a new phone number, but it was assigned to a wrong company ID (e.g. due to a different billing address), and you need to move this number under the correct company account.


Submit a ticket to StreetSmart support with the following details:

  • Specify the Phone number you need to move
  • Specify the correct/new company ID (COID) to which the number needs to be moved
  • And the current company ID to which the number is assigned (if possible).
    Additionally, you can specify the worker details to which the number should be assigned:
    • Name and email
    • Group
    • Security role


  1. Log in to CSU using the credential in PWState, then head to Device and search for the number.
  2. Once the number is located in the CSU Device search, note the current Company ID and make sure it's the same as the current COID provided by the customer. If the customer did not provide the current company ID, this step can be skipped.
  3. Create a new user profile under the new company by logging in to the Street Smart web portal with the gwadmin credentials from PWState and the new/correct COID, then follow the steps in the Creating User Accounts article.
    Note: If you do not have the new user info, use the following:
    • First Name: .
    • Last Name: {number}
    • Username: {number}
    • Group: Worker
    • Security Role: Mobile Worker
  4. ​After the new user is created, head back to CSU > Company, search for the new COID, locate the newly created user profile, note the value of the Current User ID.
  5. Head back to CSU > Device, search for the number, and click Edit.
  6. Update the User ID to the value noted in step 4, and the Company ID to the new Company ID.
  7. Make sure to check/tick the Update box next to Last User ID and Company ID (and each of the updated fields) or the changes won’t take effect.
  8. Click on Update Record to save the changes.


  9. On the next screen, click on the Update User button and check to make sure all details on the resultant screen are correct. If no information needs to be updated, click Refresh Page to complete the process. 
  10. To check and confirm the number has been moved correctly, head to the Street Smart web portal (logged in under the new COID) > Administration > Devices, and search for the number to make sure the record is present.
  11. Send a PR to inform the customer that the requested change has been made successfully, and advise that they can update the device details from the Street Smart web portal.
    If the customer did not provide worker info, you can instruct them to either
    Update the User Information on Web Portal or if they prefer Assign the Phone Number to Another Worker.



Once you receive confirmation that the number has been moved:

  1. Log in to the StreetSmart web portal using the correct company ID.
  2. Navigate to Administration > Devices.

    The phone number should be displayed in the list. You can either Update the User Information on Web Portal or if they prefer Assign the Phone Number to Another Worker.


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