Linking Form to Job Action


You may need to have certain information submitted by your workers when they start, complete a job, or perform any other job action in the mobile app. To do it, you can link a form to a job action within a Job Type.


You need to have an account with Company AdministratorSuper User role, or a custom role with rights to create or edit Job Types.


  1. Create a Form that you want to link to a job type (if you haven't created it yet).
  2. Navigate to Administration > Job Types.
  3. Click on the required job type and select Edit Job Type.
    You can create new a job type if needed.


  4. Select the Specify Job Actions step.
  5. Select the job action to which you want to link a form.
    You can add a new job action as describe in step 7 of the Creating Job Types article.
  6. Select the required form in the Form attached field and click Apply.
    Note: When you need to unlink the form - select the same job action, select (none) in the Form attached field, click Apply.


  7. Click on the Save & Close button.


  1. Create a job using the updated job type.
  2. Once the worker completes the job, navigate to Forms > Submitted Forms.
    There should be a form completed by the worker and linked to the job you created.



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