Checking Mobile Application Status Logs


You may need to confirm if a worker turned on Airplane mode, turned off GPS location tracking, powered off the device or it shut down due to low battery. 

This information can be checked from the Device Status Logs and it may be useful when checking why the device is not communicating with the server or GPS location is not tracking. 


You need to have an account with Super User role, Operations role, or a custom role with rights to view Device Status Log.


  1. Log in to the Street Smart web portal using your credentials and company ID.
  2. Navigate to the Workers tab.
  3. Click on the required worker and select the Device Status Log option.


  4. Adjust the required filters:
    • Date Filter - Select the required date range.


    • Event Filter - Select events that you want to see in the log and click Save & Close.
      By default, all event types are listed.


      All selected event types are displayed for the worker, including location of the worker for each event, battery charge level, number of attempts, and number of GPS points.
      GPS points with accuracy from 5 to 300 meters are considered Good; points that have 300+ meter accuracy are considered Bad and are discarded by the system.

      Note: If there is a Sync event in the log (without a GPS Upload event present at the same time), it means that no GPS points were captured by the device (e.g., GPS signal was lost).



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