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You may face an issue when a worker is logged into the mobile application but their status on the web portal is still displayed as Logged Off or Update is past due. In such cases, you may also notice that submitted jobs, invoices, forms, or timesheets are not reflected on the web portal for the worker.


There are several possible root causes for this issue:

  • Internet connection is not working on your mobile device.
    Open any web page in a browser on your device to check if the page is loading. If it is not, check if mobile data is enabled on your device.


  • Some of the cached data is corrupted in the mobile app or operating system on the device.
  • The worker is force closing the app (swiping off) instead of using the Exit option, which may cause multiple simultaneous login sessions and as a result communication issues. Multiple login sessions can also be created when a worker uses StreetSmart on 2 mobile devices (the ability to do this can be disabled).


  • The mobile devices are using static IP addresses while connected to the cellular network.
This issue can also be caused by a temporary server outage which can be checked on IgniteTech Status. If this is the case, you are requested to be patient while our Infrastructure team resolves the outage issue at the earliest.  

<supportagent>Agents - follow the escalation path mentioned in the Routing table for outages </supportagent>


If your devices are using static IPs, submit a request to our support team to whitelist the IP addresses. Make sure to include affected phone numbers and corresponding IPs.

<supportagent>Agents need to create a Change Request Jira ticket for Engineering to add the static IPs to the StreetSmart infrastructure routing table. You can refer to the Jira ticket STREETSMART-5446.


In all other cases, the affected mobile worker should follow the steps below until the data is being transferred to the server and displayed on the web portal successfully: 

  1. If the mobile data was disabled, enable it.
    • If your internet connection is still not working on the mobile device, you need to contact your carrier to activate mobile data.
    • If the internet connection is working properly on the mobile device, open the mobile app and tap on the Server Sync icon.

      Manager should check if the data on the web portal is updated (as described in the Testing section). If it is not updated, proceed to the next step.


  2. Power cycle or reboot your mobile device and try to sync the application with the server again (step 1).

  3. If the reboot didn't solve the issue, clear record store in the mobile app and activate the app mobile app again.
    Note: All data that has not been transferred to the server will be removed from the device, such as completed forms, trips, invoices, timesheets, etc.

  4. If the issue is still present, uninstall the application from your device and install it again.
    Also, make sure to follow the below best practices.

Best Practices for mobile device tracking:

  • Make sure to close the application using the Exit button instead of force closing.
  • Maintain "Line of Sight" with the sky when possible - make sure the device is in an area where it can acquire a GPS satellite. Buildings and parking ramps can restrict access to a good GPS satellite signal; if you are in a vehicle, keep the mobile device in an open area such as a cup holder instead of a jacket, or pants pocket. Do not place the device in the glove box, center column box or a tool box as that can potentially block GPS signals.
  • Keep your device battery charged - if the battery gets low or critically low, the device may turn off the GPS function to save battery power. At all times the battery should be charged above 30%.
  • If working indoors or underground, the mobile application may not be able to immediately transmit the data back to the web application. If the recording of these events is time sensitive, you may need to step outside to ensure they are transmitted back to the web application.
    If your device is not able to pick up a carrier signal, the mobile app will store all information or events (such as Mobile Forms or Job Actions) and will transmit once you are back in an area that has cell coverage.
  • Avoid suddenly closing the application on the device - instead of swiping the app to close it, use the Exit button found on the home screen of the application. Shutting the app down suddenly might interrupt the software and doesn't allow the device to send the last captured GPS coordinates or any other data to the server.


Check the status of the worker - it should be either Logged In, On Duty, or On Job. Also, a green server sync icon should be displayed on the right side of the screen with the message Update current.


If the above solution didn't work, create a new account for the worker (with the same number) and ask them to activate the app using the PIN associated with the new account.


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