Cannot Upload Jobs from Spreadsheet


You are unable to upload jobs in bulk and encounter one of the following errors:

  • Job ID (formerly Reference Number): 'Demo Job' already exists - this issue happens when jobs with the same Job IDs were created previously and you try to upload them without changing Job IDs, which must be unique. Even if you have deleted the jobs with the same IDs from the web portal, they are still stored in our database and you will not be able to use the same IDs.

  • Assigned to: 'jsmith1' is Invalid worker - you have entered an incorrect worker username into the Assigned To field.


Please follow the solution steps according to the encountered error:

  • Job ID (formerly Reference Number): 'Demo Job' already exists:
    1. Open the file containing the information about jobs.
    2. Update all existing Job IDs - you can add _1 (or any other number) to the first Job ID in the list and autofill the values for all other IDs.
      Note: You don't need to update Job Names - they can be the same.

      In this example, our first Job ID was Demo Job1230 and it was changed to Demo Job1230_1.


    3. Save the updated file.

  • Invalid worker:
    1. Navigate to Administration > Users and check the usernames of workers to which you want to assign uploaded jobs.
      Also, you can download the list of all selected workers in XLS format to retrieve their usernames.


    2. In the file containing the information about jobs, replace values in the Assigned To field with the usernames retrieved from the web portal.
    3. Save the updated file.


You should be able to upload the jobs again without any issues.



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