Device Is Tracking Under Wrong User


Actions of a worker might be displayed under wrong phone number or user when the worker starts using a replacement device that was used by another worker. In this case, the old worker is displayed as active (logged in), while the new worker is displayed as logged off. 

This issue happens when:

  • New worker activates the device without entering PIN number (PIN is not required according to the company settings).
  • New worker activates the device using PIN number of the previous worker.
  • New worker continues to use the device without performing a new activation of the mobile app.


To resolve this issue, you need to have an account with Company AdministratorSuper User role, or a custom role with access to deactivate Devices and view user details.


To resolve any of the above root causes, follow the steps below:

  1. Deactivate the corresponding device
  2. Retrieve PIN for the new worker account.
  3. Provide PIN to the worker and ask them activate the application again.


Check the status of the worker - the status should be Logged in, On Duty, or On Job.


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