Creating Forms


Administrators can create forms to collect information from the field, using a mobile device. The provided data is available on the Web Portal within a few minutes. Mobile forms can be used when needed (Ad Hoc Forms), or they can be associated with Timesheets and Jobs.


You need to have an account with the Company Administrator, Super User role, or a custom role with the rights to create Forms.


  1. Log in to the Street Smart web portal using your credentials and company ID.
  2. Navigate to Forms > Forms.


  3. From the Toolbar, click Create Form.


  4. Enter the Name and Display Name for the form. Only Display Name is reflected in the mobile app.
    The description field is optional.
  5. Click Next.


  6. Click New Field.
  7. Enter Display Name.
    Field ref is generated automatically once the display name is entered; it is used to export data from specific fields via web services.
  8. Select the Field Type and complete the related fields (each type has unique fields):
    • Calculation - Allows you to an automatic calculation of numeric data submitted from other fields within the form.


    • Cascading List - Allows you to add a hierarchical drop-down list where the available option in one level depends on the selection of the previous level. 


      You need to click Upload, Get Template, then enter your data in the downloaded CSV template and upload it. Once done, click Submit.


    • Checkbox - Allows mobile workers to respond with yes/no to a question or statement.


    • Date - Allows you to capture the date when the form was submitted.


    • Label - Is used to add headings and notifications to the form.


    • Money - Allows workers to enter an amount in dollars (e.g., additional expenses, price).


    • Multi Select List - Allows mobile workers to select more than one option from the list of choices. You need to enter all available choices separated by a comma. 


    • Select List - Allows mobile workers to select a single option from the drop-down list.


    • Number - Allows workers to enter a numerical value.


    • Odometer - Is used to enter the odometer value of the worker's vehicle to track mileage.


    • Picture Capture - Allows workers to attach a picture from their mobile devices or take a photo of the job they have completed as proof of service (e.g., delivery, repair).


    • Signature - Allows workers to take the signature of a customer (e.g., delivery confirmation).


    • Text - Allows workers to enter any text or numbers. You can define the maximum number of characters in the Max Chars field.


    • Time - This field can automatically capture the time when the form was submitted, or the worker can enter the timestamp manually. 


    • URL - Is used to add a link to a site or document to the form.


  9. Click Apply.
  10. Repeat steps 6-9 until you add all the required fields.
  11. Click Next.


  12. On the next page, mark the options you need:
    • Active Form - Mark the form as Active to be able to attach the form to job actions and to enable mobile workers to complete it.
    • Available on Forms Menu - This option allows workers to complete the form at any time (when it is needed), without linking the form to a job (Ad Hoc form). 
    • Associate the form with a timesheet action if needed - workers will need to complete the form when they start/end their shift or break.
      Note: Only one form can be attached to a timesheet action.
    • Select the groups to which this form will be available.


  13. If you have enabled the Available on Forms Menu option, click Next to configure recipients for the Ad Hoc form (optional step).
    Otherwise, click Save & Close - the form will be sent to the recipients defined when creating a job. In this case, you will need to link the form to a job action.
    Forms linked to timesheet actions cannot be sent to users automatically. 
  14. Define if the submitted form will be sent to the selected recipients automatically and if mobile workers can send completed job details manually to users.
    • If Auto Email Delivery is enabled, click Configure Auto Email Recipients, select the required group, and select the recipients from the group. Only users with email addresses can be selected.
      You can use the Additional Email Ids field to enter more recipients manually.


    • Click Custom Email Template and modify the template that will be sent to users - enter a suitable subject and body for the message. You can insert one of the following values into the subject or body of the email:
      • Worker Name
      • Form Name
      • Form Submission Date and Time


  15. Click Save & Close.


If you have created an Ad Hoc form, you can ask a worker to confirm that the form is available in the mobile app. Otherwise, you should be able to link the form to a job action.

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