Tracking Trips Using Mobile App


Field workers need to track their trips using their mobile devices for easy accounting and reimbursement of travel expenses. Workers enter start and end odometer values manually; the travel distance is also calculated based on the optimal route between GPS points acquired during the trip to avoid significant differences in mileage due to mistakes.



  1. Enable GPS Location tracking on your device if it was disabled.
  2. Run the StreetSmart mobile app.
  3. Tap on the Trips icon.


  4. On the new screen:
    • Enter odometer value before the start of the trip.
    • Tap on the camera icon and take a picture of the odometer on your vehicle.
    • Tap on the Select a Job button and link one of the jobs assigned to you if applicable.


    • Add notes about the job if needed.


  5. Tap Start.
  6. Once you have reached your destination, perform the following actions:
    • Enter the odometer value for the end of the trip.
    • Tap on the camera icon and take a picture of your odometer again.
    • Enter additional expenses if applicable.
    • Enter additional notes if needed.


  7. Tap End.


After ending your trip, the trip summary is displayed; it includes the following information:

  • Trip start date and time
  • Start and end values of the odometer
  • Distance traveled
  • Total expenses (in the bottom right corner of the trip section), which are calculated based on the reimbursement rate (per mile or kilometer) configured on the web portal and include additional expenses entered by the worker manually.


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