Creating Jobs for Mobile Workers


You may need to create jobs and dispatch them to field workers, who will be able to complete the jobs using the mobile app.


You need to have an account with the Super User role, Operations role, or a custom role with the rights to create Jobs.


  1. Log in to the Street Smart web portal using your credentials and company ID.
  2. Click on the Jobs tab.


  3. Click Create Job and select the required job type.
    If needed, you can create a new job type.


  4. Enter a unique Job IDJob Name is copied from the Job ID - you can modify it if needed.
  5. Enter a description for the job.
  6. Enter information in the additional fields.


  7. Click Next.
  8. Select the skills required to complete the job and click Next.


  9. Start entering the name of an existing location and select it.


    Alternatively, you can enter the address and contact information of the customer manually. 
    If the address can't be validated, you can enter coordinates of the location in the GeoCode section and enable the Override Coordinates option.


  10. Click Next.
  11. Specify the following parameters:
    • Job Pattern - Select if the job will be one time or always available.
    • Schedule Job Start - Select date, time, and time zone for the job start.
      Note: If you are creating a Job for a worker located in a different time zone, you need to select the worker's time zone; by default, the web application selects the time zone configured for the company.
    • Send Job to Mobile Device - Specify if you want to send a job to the worker immediately or on a custom date.
      Note: This option is applicable only for one time jobs.
    • Duration - Enter the expected duration of the job (used for scheduling).
    • Priority - Select the Job priority from the following options: Emergency, High, Medium, Low.
    • Group - Select the group to which you want to assign the job.
    • Worker - Specify worker(s) who will be assigned to the job. You can leave the job as unassigned and assign it later.
      Note: If a job is dispatched to multiple workers, everyone will get their own unique job (with a unique Job ID).


      Also, you can click on the Recommend Worker button and select a worker with matching skills and the smallest distance to the job location.


  12. Define if the details about the completed job will be sent to the selected recipients automatically and if mobile workers will be able to send completed job details manually to users.
    • If you have enabled Auto Email Delivery, you need to Configure Auto Email Recipients - select the required group and select the recipients from the group. Only users with email addresses added to their accounts can be selected.
      Also, you can use the Additional Email Ids field to enter more recipient emails manually.


    • Click Custom Email Template and modify the template that will be sent to users - enter a suitable subject and body for the message. You can insert one of the following values into the subject or body:
      • Worker Name
      • Job Name
      • Job ID
      • Job Completed Date and Time


  13. Click Save & Close.


The newly created job is displayed on the page.


Also, you can ask the worker assigned to the job to confirm that the job is delivered to their mobile app.

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