Submitting Forms Using Mobile App


Mobile Workers may need to submit forms when completing jobs or when they need to provide specific information to the company office:

  • Picture of completed repair or delivery as a proof of service
  • Customer signature after a job is complete
  • Additional Expenses
  • Information about the date, branch, customer, etc.



  1. Open the StreetSmart mobile app on your device.
  2. Tap on the Forms icon.
    Alternatively, you may be prompted to complete a form when starting/ending your shift or completing job actions. In this case, proceed to step 4.


  3. Tap on the form that you want to complete.


  4. Complete the required and optional fields presented in the form - tap on the required field and provide the necessary information. Required fields are marked with an asterisk.
    Here are the most common field types:
    • Select List - You need to tap on the field and select one of the provided options.


    • URL - Tap on the link to review the web page or document provided by administration.


    • Signature - Is used to confirm a delivery or service that has been performed. Tap on the field and ask the customer to put their signature using your mobile device, and then tap Save.



    • Picture - Tap on the field with a camera icon and take a photo required for this form (e.g., delivered items, repaired device, etc.).


    • Date - Enter the date requested in the form (e.g., date of completion of the form or date of the new appointment for the customer).
    • Money - Enter dollar value in the field (e.g., additional expenses).
    • Text - Enter additional comments or information required in the form. 


  5. Once all the information is ready, click Submit to send it to the server.
    You can also click Save if you want to enter additional information later by following steps 2-4.


Workers cannot check submitted forms. Managers can review newly submitted forms from the web portal by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Forms > Submitted Forms.


  2. Click on the required form and select the View Submitted Form Detail option.


    All the information submitted via the form is displayed.



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