Adding New Device or Phone Number to Account


You may need to add New Device for employee to be able to clock in using StreetSmart service.


  • If you have previously purchased subscriptions from your account manager or support team, submit a ticket and provide the following info:
    • Phone number(s) (i.e. devices) for which you would like to activate StreetSmart
    • Your company name
    • Company ID 
    • Employee/ Worker information - Name, Email, Group, Role (if you use custom roles), etc., for the workers who will be using new numbers.

  •  If you were adding numbers using the 2Checkout portal, you should still purchase packages online:
    1. Open the 2Checkout StreetSmart website.
    2. Enter the number of units you want to buy and click Add to cart.
      Each worker who will be using StreetSmart on their mobile device requires a separate unit.


    3. Enter your billing and payment information.


    4. Enter name and email for the Super User account - if the account info is different from the billing information.
    5. Click Continue.
    6. Follow the instructions to complete the order.
    7. Then assign the newly added number to the desired worker.
      You may need to create a new user account if the desired worker account does not exist.


Note: Do not use this article for FFM customers, they have a different process.

  1. Check which type of subscription the customer has:
    1. Log in to the CSU tool and search for their company ID.
    2. Scroll down to the Devices section and check the SOC Code value. 
      • For CKSWDirectAdv1515 SOC code - you need to add a number manually after checking the number of available subscriptions in Salesforce.
        Note: For Ecom2Checkout1515 SOC code, scroll down to the corresponding section.


        NOTE: For requests from Dr Pepper (1515WorkForce), Seaboard Marine (1515Advantage), and Graybar Electric (1515Advantage) no checks are needed. These customers are billed according to their active devices in a cycle, so any number can be added or removed.
        1. Log in to the Xora Salesforce.
        2. Search for the customer's company using its name.
          Note: If You are in Lightning mode, make sure to switch to Salesforce Classic.
        3. Check the number of total active end units MIS.


        4. Check in either CSU or StreetSmart using the COID the number of active devices (used licenses)
          • If checking in the WebAdmin StreetSmart using the COID and gwadmin user, you can download the Devices to an XLS and run a count there
          • If you check in CSU, you can copy the devices table and filter all devices with NULL (No value) in the Delete Column (which means the device is active).
        5. If the customer has free subscriptions (the number of active devices is lower than the number of active units in Salesforce), you can add the number to their account as described below.
          If the customer does not have free licenses, ask if they want to cancel one of the active numbers or they should contact their account manager and buy additional licenses. 

          To add a new phone number, follow the instructions below:
          1. Log on to the Xora Provisioning Tool with the Web Admin credentials stored in this Passwordstate list.
          2. Go to Administration > Companies and search for the COID for the affected customer using the search form on the left pane.
          3. Click on the company to show a context menu. Select Create User.
          4. In the Create New User modal form, fill in the necessary fields as well as any other available information provided.
            • If the Name of the User and User Name to be used is NOT provided by the client, use the following information:
            • First Name: .
              Last Name: <phone number>
              User Name: <phone number>
            • Set the Security Role to Mobile Worker.
            • Check the Create Device checkbox.
            • Select the same SOC Code according to information present in other subscribers in the company's profile on CSU.
            • Enter the mobile number that has just been licensed into the Phone Number: field.
            • Click Save & Close.


          5. Log in to the customer's company (web portal) and confirm the phone number is properly added to the customer's production environment (under Administration > Devices).

            Note: If the customer wants to add a device that had been previously available in their account and is now deleted, follow the steps below:
            1. Log in to the CSU, and search for the customer's number in the Devices box.
            2. Click Edit next to the desired phone number.
            3. Check the “Deleted Date/Time: Set to NULL?” Box and click “update Record”.


            4. Confirm the device shows on the Company’s portal.

      • If the customer's numbers are using the Ecom2Checkout1515 SOC code - the customer should purchase new licenses via 2Checkout portal. You should provide the 2Checkout upgrade link for the customer's convenience:
        1. Log in to the Xora Salesforce.
        2. Search for the customer's company using its name.
          Note: If You are in Lightning mode, make sure to switch to Salesforce Classic.
        3. Copy the account number.


        4. Log in to the 2Chekout Admin Panel.
        5. Search for the Account number copied from Salesforce.
        6. Copy the upgrade link.
        7. Provide it to the customer asking to increase the number of licenses on the 2Checkout portal and then assign the newly added device to the desired user account.
          They may need to create a new user account if the desired worker account does not exist.





StreetSmart Packages

Please see the features offered for the StreetSmart package in the table below.


 Advantage/ eAdvantage

24/7 Customer Support   ●
Timesheets Mobile Timesheets  ●
Editable Timesheets  ●
Custom logo & header on Timesheet PDF  ●
Supervisor Timesheets  ●
Mobile Timesheet Summary  ●
Timesheet Smart Notification  ●
Tracking Worker Map  ●
Create Location Type  ●
Configuring location  ●
See Location and location types on Maps  ●
Create Geofence  ●
Find Incident  ●
Trips Mileage Manager w/ Trips App – Record Trip  ●
Commuter Miles  ●
Vehicle ID  ●
Edit trip  ●
Custom logo & header on Trip details PDF  ●
Jobs Job Status Tracking  ●
Job Dispatching to single and multiple workers  ●
Mobile Job Search  ●
Job Actions   ●
Send to device  ●
Job Priority  ●
Configurable Job types  ●
Job Map  ●
Creating Jobs from Mobile phone  ●
Send job details via email upon completion  ●
Always Available Job feature  ●
Skills-based Job Scheduling  ●
Workflow Automation   ●
Availability Calendar  ●
Schedule Jobs through Outlook  ●
Create Location Type  ●
Configuring location  ●
See Location and location types on Maps  ●
Create Geofence  ●
WorkZones  ●
Job invoicing   ●
Custom logo & header on Job details PDF  ●
Forms Simple Forms (field types: Checkbox, Money, Number, Select List, Text)   ●
Share Forms from web  ●
Share Forms from mobile   ●
Barcode Scanning (Smartphones only)  ●
Odometer  ●
Picture / Signature Capture  ●
Pictures upload  ●
Annotate pictures  ●
Cascading List  ●
Date  ●
Multi select list  ●
Time   ●
URL  ●
Label  ●
Formula fields  ●
Attach Forms to Job Actions  ●
Attach Forms To Timesheet Actions  ●
Custom logo & header on Form details PDF  ●
Public Forms  ●
Alerts Predefined Alerts  ●
Custom Alerts  ●
Worker at Home Alert  ●
Airplane Mode Alert  ●
Reports Standard Out-of-the-Box Reports  ●
Configurable Reports  ●
Export Reports  ●
Scheduled Reports  ●
Publish Reports  ●
Jobs and Shifts Combination Reports  ●
Invoices reports  ●
Web Services  ●
Messaging (office to mobile worker)  ●
Profile Picture  ●


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Log in to the StreetSmart web portal with existing credentials or with credentials you received in the order confirmation email, navigate to Administration > Devices to check that all numbers are added.


Also, a user account is created automatically for each new phone number; accounts can be reviewed and updated under Administration > Users.

Next, you should provide phone numbers and PINs associated with the accounts to your workers - they should be able to install and activate the mobile app.

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