Users Cannot Log in to Web Portal


Users may be unable to log in to the web portal when they forgot their password, username, company ID, when their security role does not have permissions for the group assigned to the user, or when the user account does not exist.



  • If the user encounters the error "Invalid Login", it means that either username or password was entered incorrectly, or the user account does not exist.

  • If the user is getting the error "You have been logged out because you are not authorized to access the requested page", the security role associated with their user account does not have permissions to the group assigned to the same user. A company admin can follow the steps below to confirm if this is the root cause:
    1. Log in to the Street Smart web portal using your credentials and company ID.
    2. Navigate to Administration > Users.


    3. Locate the affected user and check their group and role:


    4. Navigate to Administration > Roles.


    5. Click on the role assigned to the user (from step 3) and click Edit Role.


    6. Check if the role has permissions for the group to which the user is assigned.
      In this example, Mr Jones is assigned to the Mobile Workforce group, but the role provides access only to the Delivery Team group.



  • If the user forgot their password or username, they can reset the password themselves or a company administrator can change the password manually and check the username under Administration > Users.
    Note: If the user cannot reset the password (no email received) or admin cannot locate user account on the web portal, the account needs to be created for the user. 


  • If the user security role does not have permissions to the group, there are three possible solutions:


The user should be able to log in to the Street Smart web portal and access the features enabled for the assigned security role.



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