Configuring Mobile Application to Start Automatically


Administrators may want to enable the auto startup option for the mobile application to be able to track worker location even if they forgot to turn on the app manually.


You need to have an account with Company Administrator, Super User role, or a custom role with rights to modify company settings.
Note: Auto startup is supported only on Android and basic mobile devices (feature phones).


  1. Log in to the Street Smart web portal using your credentials and company ID.
  2. Navigate to Administration > Settings.


  3. Select the Hours of Operation tab.


  4. Select groups or users for which you want to enable the auto startup option - uncheck the Save settings as company default option and select the required group or user(s).
    By default, settings are applied to the whole company.


  5. Configure Hours of Operation for the desired groups or users.
  6. Enable the Auto Application Startup feature - the application will startup automatically at the beginning of the shift. If you leave the hours of operation blank, the application will restart every time it is being closed by the user.
    Also, you can configure the application to automatically shut down when the worker shift is over, auto launch to background, and request approval from the worker to track their location outside of working hours.


  7. Click Save.


If you have a device assigned to the corresponding user to perform a test, try closing the app during working hours - it should reopen automatically.

If you don't have the device at hands, you can check the status of the corresponding worker after their shift has started - they should be logged in and reflect the current update status (considering that the device and mobile data are turned on).

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