Assigning Phone Number to Another Worker


You may need to link a phone number/ device to another user when a worker leaves the company or moves to different department and you want another worker to use the same device.



  1. Log in to the Street Smart web portal using your credentials and company ID.
  2. Copy the phone number that you want to reassign:
    •  If the number is located under another company account, you need to submit a request to move the number to the correct company first. You can check if the number is present under the correct company by navigating to Administration > Devices.
    • If the number that you want to reassign is present under the correct company account, you can copy it from Administration > Devices. Also, you can check the number from the profile of the worker (who used it previously):
      1. Navigate to Administration > Users.


      2. Locate the user from which you want to reassign the device; click on the account and select Edit User.


      3. Copy the phone number assigned to the account.


  3. Create a new mobile worker account and add the phone number you copied.
    If you have already created a new user account, click on the user and select Edit User, and add the phone number.
  4. On the same page, copy PIN number (generated automatically) or enter a new one and click Save & Close.


  5. Deactivate the device with the number that you reassigned to the new worker.

  6. Provide the phone number and PIN to the new mobile worker to activate the mobile application.


Check the status of the worker with the assigned number after they have activated the mobile app - their status should be Logged In (or On Duty if they started the shift), the Update and Location statuses should be current.



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