Checking Status of Mobile Worker


Managers and administrators may need to check the current status of field workers to verify if they started the shift, job or if their location is up-to-date.


You need to have an account with Company AdministratorSuper User, Operations role, or a custom role with the access to view Workers.


  1. Log in to the Street Smart web portal using your credentials and company ID.
  2. Navigate to Workers > Worker List.


  3. Locate the required user. The page contains the following information for each user:
    • Worker Status - displays current worker status and how long the worker has been in this status:
      • Logged In
      • On Duty - started the shift
      • On Job - performing a job
      • On Break
      • Logged Off

        Note: If a worker force closed (swiped off) the app, their status may stuck in the last active state; for example, Logged In (>24h). Hence, workers should always close the app using the Exit button.


    • Stop-Travel - displays the address of the latest user location (uploaded GPS point) and indicates if the user was traveling or stopped in the location, including duration of the stop or travel.
    • Last Update / Notifications - displays the last time and date when the data was transmitted from the worker's mobile device, status of the update, GPS status, and the device battery level.
      • Update/Location Current - data was retrieved within the last hour.
      • Update/Location past due - latest data was retrieved more than 65 minutes ago.
      • Location is turned offGPS location service on the device has been turned off.
      • App exited - the app is closed and no update is expected.



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