How to Always Track User Location in the Mobile App?


You may have changed the operational hours to 12:00 AM – END for 24/7 tracking of your users and want to know if they Exit the app, will it stop tracking. The concern arises from the need to ensure continuous tracking, regardless of the user's interaction with the app.


If a user force closes or exits the tracking app, the tracking will stop, irrespective of the operational hours set.

To prevent this, a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution can be installed. This solution administrates user access to the apps, preventing them from closing certain apps or automatically restarting apps that have been closed.
However, further information about MDM solutions and their usage is beyond the scope of our support team and may need to be sought elsewhere.


Q1: Will the tracking app continue to track if I exit the app?
A: No, if you exit or force close the app, the tracking will stop.

Q2: Can I prevent users from closing the tracking app?
A: Yes, by using a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, you can prevent users from closing certain apps.

Q3: Where can I get more information about Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions?
A: Detailed information about MDM solutions is beyond the scope of our support team. You may need to seek this information from relevant sources or experts in the field.



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