Meet StreetSmart ATLAS, the Future of Customer Support

We are aiming to build a system where 90% of your issues are addressed immediately, no waiting, no hassle. ATLAS is the tool that will help us with this.

Our state-of-the-art tool, ATLAS, goes beyond mere automated responses. It interprets your intent, and can directly make changes on your behalf or guide you to the Knowledge Base (KB) article that provides the exact solution you need.

Skeptical? Don't Be

We understand that AI is not perfect. However, our support experts are reviewing all of the cases and improving ATLAS daily. We assure you, that this isn't about eliminating the human touch; it's about enhancing your support experience.

What happens if I need Human assistance?

At any point, you can tell the AI: "I want to speak to an agent" and you will need to describe your request in as many details as possible, ATLAS will review our knowledge base (built and maintained by our product experts) to suggest an immediate answer to you. 

If the response didn't help, mark the answer as not helpful and you will be connected with an agent.

How Do I Access ATLAS Chat?

After signing in, click on the bubble at the bottom-right corner of the page or click Contact Us at the top.

What Can It Do?

You might wonder, "Can it handle my specific issue?"

Here are a few examples of what the AI tool can do for you if you are an Admin for your Organization's account.
Note: Please make sure to follow the instructions in ATLAS precisely so that the task could be complete automatically (e.g. provide only one number at a time, do not include additional details when ATLAS asks you to provide a number or user name, etc.).

  • Reassign a Device to a different worker
  • Provide details for any Device
  • Retrieve PIN for phone activation
  • Provide information about your License and available seats
  • Add a Device
  • Remove Device

Soon it will also be able to:

  • Move a Device from one Account to another
  • and more...

The Future is Here, and It's Waiting For You

Transform your customer support experience today. Dive in and discover just how smart ATLAS really is.

Ready to experience the future of customer support? Sign in to StreetSmart HelpCenter now!



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