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Latest Field Force Manager App Version: 18.15.0

Supported Device OS: 8.0

Picture Capture Supported  | Barcode Scanning Supported



ModelSonim X3
PlatformFeature Phone

Device Notes

  1. The mobile app is optimized for firmware version 8.1.0. For help with the latest firmware please contact Sonim support.
  2. Mileage Manager is supported.
  3. Locations, Text Driving directions are supported.
  4. Messages app are supported.
  5. Barcode scanning is supported.
  6. For a list of known issues, scroll to the bottom

Pre-Installation: Enable Location Tracking on the Phone

  1. Go to Menu > Settings
  2. Scroll down to Security & location
  3. Scroll down and Click on Location
  4. Enable the Location to ON
  5. Choose the Mode as ‘High Accuracy
  6. Click on ‘AGREE’ to accept the location consent.

Install Field Force Manager via email/SMS


Ensure that you are in an area with good network coverage before proceeding.

  1. You can send the link to download the mobile app via an email. Open an email client of your choice and create a new email. Copy paste this URL -, into the body of the email message and send it to 'phonenumber' with the 10 digit phone number of the device).
  2. You will now receive an SMS on your phone. On the phone go to Menu > Messages > Inbox > Message to see a list of all messages.
  3. Highlight the SMS you just received and open it.
  4. You will see the link that you emailed in the SMS body. Press More Options (tip left button on keypad) and click on Use Links
  5. Using link Field Force Manager from Box
    1. This opens a page, use magnifying 'Zoom out' and click on 'Install Field Force Manager from Box'
    2. This redirects you Box link use magnifying 'Zoom out' and click on 'Download'
    3. You will see app getting downloaded on notification bar
    4. Use Back to go out of Browser and click 'End' key to go home page.
    5. Click on 'More options' (top left button on keypad) and go to 'My Notifications'
    6. apk file would have downloaded, if not wait until download is complete
    7. Even after download is complete, it is found on some devices it downloads as .txt. Rename using File Manager app to .apk
    8. Click on the file to install
    9. Scroll and click on 'Install'
    10. Click on 'Done' if you want to launch the app later or 'Open' to continue with activation'

Activate and Login to Field Force Manager

  1. Go to Menu > Applications
  2. Now select Field Force Manager
  3. The mobile app will automatically activate and log you into the application. If that fails, enter the phone number and press 'Activate'
  4. Next 'Accept' the EULA
  5. Next 'Accept' the Waring
  6. Now you should see the home screen of the app. You might receive a notification that displays a list of new updates, press OK to dismiss the screen and start using the app

Known Issues

  1. Navigation by google maps is not supported.
  2. To saved pictures on Forms menu, camera works well when SD card is not installed on a local device.
  3. On money form field, have to press the keys with less pressure. If pressed with more pressure would enter a number multiple times.

For questions or help contact

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