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Supported Device OS: Kyocoera Proprietary
Latest StreetSmart App Version: 18.12.1

Rugged|Picture Capture Supported|| Barcode Scanning Supported




Device Notes

  1. This mobile app supports camera and non-camera version.
  2. Supports Mileage Manager.
  3. Supports in app messages.
  4. Only Text Driving directions are supported. Navigation by google maps is not supported.

Pre-Installation: Enable Location Tracking on the Phone

  1. Press Menu key on your phone
  2. Scroll down to Settings and press OK
  3. Scroll down to Personal and press OK
  4. Scroll down to Location and press OK
  5. Scroll down to Location again and press OK
  6. Select 'On' radio button and press OK
  7. Click 'Agree' to location consent
  8. Click on 'Mode' and set it to 'High Accuracy'

Install Field Force Manager

  1. FieldForceManager is pre-installed on this handset

Activate and Login to Field Force Manager

  1. Go to Menu > Tools
  2. Scroll down and select FieldForceManager
  3. The mobile app will automatically activate with your phone number and log you into the application. If that fails, enter the phone number and press 'Activate'
  4. If your phone number does not have feature code added. Please call VZW sales call center 800-899-4249 right from the mobile app
  5. Next 'Accept' the EULA
  6. Next 'Accept' the Warning
  7. A pop up window appears displaying the list of the New Updates (if any), such as New Forms, New Jobs, etc. Tap/click OK to dismiss the screen and start using the Field Force Manager application.

For questions or help contact

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