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 Latest Update Notes

You can review the latest Release Notes v18.15 as well as the highlights in this release.

 About Field Force Manager

Field Force Manager is a Proven Solution That Brings Value to Verizon Customers

  1. Increased revenue potential because workers are more accountable for their actions, which often results in more productive time and more jobs completed each day.
  2. Improve risk analysis with insights into field activities that confirm and improve service levels, employee safety, and compliance.
  3. Reduce Costs through automated processes with optional integration into back office systems.

Key Features for the Office

  1. Manage jobs, schedules and route information to help keep your workers on track and on time.

  2. Proof of Service makes service verification simple and fast – take photos, capture electronic signatures or scan barcodes to provide full job documentation.

  3. Send Alerts based on route deviations, long appointments and other activities that prompt worker safety protocols.

  4. GPS Intelligence with location, geofence, date and time stamp. Monitor driver’s behavior and provide turn-by-turn directions to job sites.

  5. Reports for managers on planned vs. actual daily activity and automated online feedback surveys.

  6. System Integration into payroll, expense, invoice and other systems for reduced administrative costs.

Key Features for the Field

  1. Mobile Timesheets that streamline your administrative processes to monitor, record shifts and verify worker hours.
  2. Configurable mobile forms to accurately track and manage inventory, productivity, payroll costs, job performance and service satisfaction levels.
  3. Mileage Reimbursement allows documentation of mileage, parking and tolls that are digitally sent to the office.
  4. Electronic Visit Verification provides confirmation and form documentation, that can be used for Medicaid’s GPS validation.

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